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    Walked through Adventure Isle which was fairly quiet this evening with the exception of Soaring.
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    Passing through the Gardens of Imagination. The Wandering Moon Restaurant.
    Took a stroll through the Garden of the Twelve Friends.
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    The Enchanted Storybook Castle this evening.
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    Passing by Dumbo.
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    The hot dogs from Timothy's Treats smelled good and looked ok but I was still hesitant to try one.
    Mickey cups
    Made my way to Tomorrowland to spend some time. The light show and music at night are great.
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    The lights on the parade route are part of the show.
    The Well-Spring fountains
    Tron in the distance.
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    A video of the TRON Lightcycle Power Run in action, first at normal speed then slow motion.
    Club Destin-E
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    I went to look for a spot for Ignite the Dream earlier this evening than yesterday.. it was 7:30pm and I found this spot. Everyone was sitting, but not sure if that was just to wait or for the show but I decided to give it a try.
    Behind me the crowd was solid back onto Mickey Avenue.
    1 minute to show time and the projectors come to life.
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    A couple video clips from Ignite the Dream from my sitting location.
    Now a series of pictures from my spot.
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    10 minutes into the show and this guy steps over people and goes to take a picture.. he only stayed a minute or so then moved on to somewhere else.
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    After the show the post show started but the crowd got up and started to move. I took a few steps toward the exit then decided to head back toward the castle to watch the post show.
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    A video clip from the post show of Ignite the Dream at Shanghai Disneyland
    Now several pictures from the post show/exit sequence.
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    After the show I strolled out with a moderate crowd. Donald in egg form.
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    Mickey Ave this evening.
  • Page Number: 27
    The crowd exiting. They opened the side gate and funneled everyone toward World of Disney.
    So I walked through and saw this shirt that looked interesting.
    Two more shirts. This wrapped up my sightseeing and Shanghai Disneyland Day 3. Two more full days in the park to go before moving on to Tokyo.

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