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    Passed this store selling some sort of Disney related items. I did not venture over to it.
    I was waiting to cross the street and there was a woman with a suitcase crossing against traffic...
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    Then walking down the lane while texting...
    My group started to doubt my tour leadership as we walked down this street.
    Getting closer to the water front.
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    Almost there...
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    Thought it was great the sign was right at the staircase to the walkway.. nice to have confirmation but seems a little close to have a sign to the destination.
    My first unobstructed view from the Bund. The Bund is a waterfront avenue along the western bank of the Huangpu River offer views of the skyscrappers on one side and colonial buildings on the other. It stretches approximately one mile.
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    Here is a look north at the walkway ahead. Our goal is down toward that white building.
    The tower on the left with the sphere is the Oriental Pearl Tower. The flagship Disney Store is located near the base. That is our next destination after the Bund.
    More directional signage.
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    As we walked north it became more crowded. Seems the tour groups all gather on that end. We started at the southern tip and it was nearly empty.
    I will let the buildings speak for themselves. If anyone is curious I can dig out a map and try and match them up.
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    I thought the sun reflection and ring here was a cool effect.
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    A lot of people asked me about the air quality. As you can see it was hazy but not necessarily brown/orange today. It was rated as a moderate to good day if I remember correctly. I could feel it in my lungs and eyes a bit.. sort the same as a stage 1 day in Los Angeles. I had bottled water and kept drinking that as we walked.
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    Here is a video clip pan around the Bund to give an idea of the sites and sounds.
    There were a lot of cameras in the area.
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    A Police boat on patrol.
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    As we continued North the crowd became heavier.
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    More tourist buses in this area too.
    Looking at my map I think we will need to double back to here to walk up to the Metro which is several blocks west/up this street.
    Seemed to be a popular crossing so that backed up my sense of direction.
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    There were Pepsi trucks along the Bund selling refreshments.
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    A sitting area as we continued North.
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    A couple having wedding photos taken with the sky scrappers in the background.
    Looking up river.
    Across the river.
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    Looking down river.
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    Looking back at where we came from and deciding to turn around and head back to the street.. since the road ahead did not look that different.
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    In this area were also some vendors.
    Found the Nanjing Rd which is where the Metro stop was (my picture earlier was the correct road).
    Several hotels on this street.
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    Looking down a side street.
    Another side street.
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    A mall at the end of the street.
    Spotted the Metro entrance on the other side of the street.
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    About 15 minutes later after crossing the street and taking the Metro one stop which took us back down the street we just walked up and under the River we surfaced among the tall buildings of Lujiazui.
    We started to look around at lunch options. First building had a Taco Bell. We kept walking..
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    We wanted to head up to that elevated walkway on the left.
    At the top of the escalator was a McDonalds and down from that several other fast food locations.
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    The chicken McNuggets looked familiar so I stopped there for some.
    A look at the counter and menus.
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    After filling out an order on the kiosk learned they do not take credit cards.. only WePay and China Bank Cards. So we had to go to a register to use cash.
    This was the view from our counter/table.
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    My meal, they did not have a 10 piece option.. so had to get 2 fives..
    The default sauce here.
    Looked and tasted the same as home.
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    So did the fries.
    After eating time to set out on the walkway and take in the sights.
    Looking back at McDonalds. The Metro entrance is directly below.
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    Looking around
    A mall across the street.
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    I was surprised by the lack of traffic. It was just after 1pm on a Wednesday. I guess most people in this area take the Metro or were at work.
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    Spotted our destination.. the clock tower is by the Disney Store.
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    Stock tickers on the other bridge.
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    The building where we started.
    Another mall. An Apple store is inside.
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    Looking down one of the cross streets.
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    Finally made it around to our destination. It took only about 10 minutes to walk this far and that was stopping for a lot of pictures... but it felt longer.
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    Banners for Toy Story.
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    Before heading inside I took a look around the clock tower.
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    A closer look at the Toy Story Banners
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    Even the bus stop in the area had Disney characters on it.
    The Tower next door.
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    A quick video clip of the area.
    A Toy Story Land photo op in front of the store to promote the soon to open land.
    Looking at the Tower from the store entrance.
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    Now a look around the store. It seemed like a normal Disney Store store selection of merchandise. I was hoping for some items that said Shanghai and they only had a handful, none of which I liked/wanted.
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    Balloons with characters flying overhead.
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    The back of the store had this video wall. They featured QR codes after each promo.
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    Marvel had a large area.
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    There was also a Star Wars section.
    The check out area.
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    The artwork behind the registers featured the city skyline.
    The Shanghai merchandise.. I was going to take more pics but then realized it was close to the bottom of the our and wanted to catch the clock tower in action out front.
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    A few minutes before the top and bottom of the hour the tower comes to life.
    It features an assortment of Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and classic Disney Characters.
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  • Page Number: 59
    A video clip of the clock tower in action at the Shanghai Disney Store.
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    Decided to head back up the escalator and back to the Metro.
    Finishing up the circle over the streets.
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  • Page Number: 62
    The Starbucks has writing on the roof, guessing for those in the buildings and tower to see from above.
    The entrance to the tower. Because of the haze we opted to skip going up in it.
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    Found our way back to the Metro entrance. Debated about going to our optional add on of People's Square but decided instead to call it a day and head back to Disney.
    Checking to see if we were heading the correct way.
  • Page Number: 64
    Our train arriving.
    Our train ran near the MagLev track.. did not spot any trains though.
  • Page Number: 65
    We had to make one transfer on our return route.. so changing lines.
    Disney is the last stop on the line.
    An information board telling you train arrival times. So I only had a couple minutes to wait.
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    Our train arriving.
    Looking out at the sights as we headed toward Disney. This neighborhood was being leveled.
    Our train looked really new and was really empty by the time we got near the park.
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    Our first glimpse of something we knew.. the Toy Story Hotel.
    A look at the parking lot. It looked maybe half full.
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    Back at the Disney Station. It was about 55 minutes from when we entered the station downtown until this point.
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    In the center of the Disney Station on ground level.
    We decided to head toward the park and take the ferry back to the hotel (we soon learned this was a poor choice).
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    A couple bakeries in the station.
    Informational signage on some rules/guidelines.
  • Page Number: 71
    A directory as soon as you step outside.
  • Page Number: 72
    Looking back at the station.
    This concludes our trip to Downtown Shanghai. The next section is a quick stop back at the Disneyland Hotel then I head to the park for the evening.

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