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    8:52am I finally made it into the park. Only a little over an hour since the shuttle dropped us off.
    The welcome sign. There is no train so this building is just to block the view and create an entrance.
    A closer look at the clock
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    Stepping onto Mickey Avenue you get a great view of the Enchanted Storybook Castle, in the foreground some eggs and a spring 2018 photo op.
    A closer look at the castle from this vantage point.
    A couple random pictures of Mickey Ave as I enter. I plan to circle back and really look at the details.
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    StellaLou has taken over a shop on Mickey Avenue.
    Today the skies were mostly blue so I took advantage of this and took pictures of the castle from as many angles as possible. Here is from the edge of the Gardens of Imagination.
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    The Fantasia Carousel is the first attraction you come to. It is to the right as you enter the Gardens of Imagination and head toward the castle.
    More eggs as I walk through the gardens.
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    Near the center of the gardens is an information board. I stopped there to try and get some help with the app. It was not letting me make FastPass reservations (which is the only way since there are no kiosks anymore in the park). They could not resolve it.
    To the right past the Carousel is the Garden of the Twelve Friends. I take a closer look at this on a later day.
    Approaching the Enchanted Storybook Castle. It is a very large structure.
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    We walked up the left side.
    A viewing area directly in front of the castle.
    As I entered Fantasyland there was a cart called Fantasy Faire (not sure why I only took a picture of the sign.. I think I was trying to keep up with the rest of the group and did not take a wide angle).
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    This is Fantasyland. To the left is the Village Kitchen and beyond it some gift shops then Peter Pan.
    Went to check out the Voyage to the Crystal Grotto and it was not operating. The building in the background is the theater where the Frozen Sing-Along is held.
    Panning to the right beyond the woods is the rest of Fantasyland.
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    The Pinocchio Village Kitchen
    The Crystal Grotto building. The Cast Member had no good estimate on when they would open this morning.It was supposed to be 9am and it was 9:20 already.
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    Walked by Peter Pan's Flight to check the wait.
    It was half an hour and FastPass distribution was for noon.
    Each land has a kiosk with wait times for that land as well as general FastPass distribution times and wait times. This is a hold over from when they had centralized distribution machines. But I really liked it. Here is a look at the FastPass info at 9:24am
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    Next up I reached the Fantasyland entrance to the soon to open Toy Story Land. It was having limited soft openings for invited guests.
    A sign explaining this to all.
    look into the land.
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    To the left is Woody's Roundup which is the same type of ride as Mater's in Cars Land. In the background is Al's Toy Barn which is the gift shop.
    Woody by the land's entrance sign.
    The orange U-shaped structure is Rex's Racer, same attraction as Paris and Hong Kong.
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    This pathway leads from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland. To the left is Peter Pan to the right behind the trees and wall is Toy Story Land.
    On the Tomorrowland side is another entrance to Toy Story Land. This one features Jessie.
    Here the land comes up against the Parade route.
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    Behind me is the Toy Box Cafe which sits across the parade route (on the Tomorrowland side) from the rest of the land. No barriers here, but it is not open either.
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    The parade gate which guests were using as a photo spot.
    Spinning back around to Toy Story Land. The Green Army Men have set up positions around the restroom.
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    Looking into the land. The large building in the back is the Frozen Sing-Along theater.
    To the left is Rex's and beyond that you can just barely make out Al's. to the right is Slinky Dog Spin, same attraction as Hong Kong and Paris.
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    The parade route speaker/light stands.
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    The Toy Story Land trash cans.
    A quick look at the Toy Box Cafe since I was trying to pick up the pace because I wanted to visit guest relations to try and solve the FastPass issue before the 1st castle show.
    A quick video clip of Mr. Potato Head at the Toy Box Cafe.
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    Moving on to a quick walk by of Tomorrowland.
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    The Pepsi E-Stage (the park is Pepsi not Coke)
    The Tron building looming in the distance.
    To the left of that on the lower level is Buzz Light Planet Rescue and aboe is the Stargazer Grill.
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    The exterior portion of the Tron track as I strolled by.
    The currently available popcorn buckets.
    Well - Spring fountains.
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    One of the many walkways in Tomorrowland. Took this ramp from the lower level back to the parade route level.
    Looking toward the Jet Packs
    Turning around the walkway I came up and beyond it the TRON building.
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    Continuing up the parade route there is a garden area and beyond it Disneytown.
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    Looking back toward Tomorrowland.
    Stitch's Corn Dog Cart and beyond it the Castle through the trees.
    Almost back to the Gardens of Imagination. In the distance Adventure Isle.
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    Duffy and Friends Eggs in the Gardens of Imagination.
    The Enchanted Storybook Castle from this angle.
    I was walking quickly back to the front of the park to talk to guest relations. So here is approaching Mickey Avenue.
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    It was almost 10am so no more pictures as I sped up to guest relations then raced back to the castle for the 10:15am show (making it there about 2 minutes to show time.. and still no resolution to my app issue).

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