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General Information:

Media Type: Blu-Ray
Type: Open Edition
Release Date: 2014-08-12

Geek's Thoughts: Tarzan swings onto Blu-ray and Disney Movies Anywhere with mixed results in my mind. The great news is the movie has never looked better at home and there are a lot of classic bonus features (almost 30 on a quick count). If you purchased the 2 disc-DVD set Collector’s Edition back in 2000 then you are aware of the amount of extended bonus material that is available. I have not compared item by item but it appears that everything on that set made the Blu-ray. Some of the highlights include a look at the deep canvas process. An extended look at the music including Phil Collins videos of some of the songs as well as a feature on him singing them in many languages. There are also sections devoted to the story development and characters.

The bad news is it appears they did not go any further. I clicked through all the menus and did not find any new material. I thought they missed an opportunity here to talk about how Tarzan has come to Broadway or a look at its presence in the parks. Or even a comparison looking at the early use of computers in animation with the deep canvas to how it is done today. Or a look back since the film was released 15 years ago this year, June 18, 1999.

If you are looking to update your collection to the newest technology and have a great copy of the film this should be on your list. If you do not have the Collector’s Edition of the DVD and want more bonus material than your traditional releases now a days have this disc fits the bill perfectly with the large assortment of classic bonus material. If you are looking for something new, different, or extended this release falls short.


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