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Sleeping Beauty [Blu-ray]

General Information:

Media Type: Blu-Ray
Type: Platinum Edition
Release Date: 2008-10-07

Geek's Thoughts: I picked up the Blu-ray Two-Disc Platinum Edition plus Standard DVD + BD Live, which I believe is the only Blu-ray version but not sure. Its a 3 disc set with one disc containing the movie, one containing the extras and then the third a standard DVD copy of the restored film.

This is the first animation classic to find its way to Blu-ray and to my library and at first I was not sure what to expect knowing the age of the film and not being that familiar with Blu-ray, but upon watching it I was very impressed with how the colors and animation really came alive (I do not have a spectacular sound system so I cannot comment on that aspect).

I found the assortment of bonus material to be great. I really enjoyed the Virtual walkthrough of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland (one of the reasons I wanted the Blu-ray actually). The other features about the film were well done and informative. I would have to go re-watch what was on the old DVD but from a first watch they seemed to contain a lot of new interviews/information.


My one disappointment was the Disney BDLive network. Registering for it was a pain, the first several days (actually for a week or two) the registration did not work properly, then I finally got it to work and it did not like my username. I have yet to get my username changed and have not logged in to try it out yet..

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