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    This special annual passholder event was by invitation only. It ran from 8pm till midnight on Monday the 14th. Here is a scan of the information sheet for the evening.
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    We start off this event with a look at some of the special food offerings of the evening. Here are some of the gingerbread benoit with eggnog dig from the French Market
    Here is a Brownie Skewer from Bengal Barbeque. Some of the food lines, the banannas foster cheesecake line was rumored to be over an hour long.
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    One of the longest lines of the evening was for Beauty and the Beast in their Holiday outfits.
    There were several other rare photo opps that included large groups of characters. For example the Sleeping Beauty group out in Fantasyland.
    The Song of the South characters.
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    The Country Bears, always a crowd pleaser!
    Now if only they could find a new performance hall in the parks...
    The Princess and the Frog characters were in New Orleans Square.
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    They introduced a new Disney Celebration Collection of Disneyland Resort Passholder Holiday Set of six ornaments in China Closet and the Emporium.
    Characters from the Christmas Fantasy Parade were out for pictures too.
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    As was Santa.
  • Page Number: 7
    A rare shot of the Fab 5 all together.
    Inside the Opera House they were looping some classic Disney TV shows, Holiday Time at Disneyland (12/23/62) and Disneyland Around the Seasons (12/18/66)
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