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    Last weekend in Fullerton there was a train fair and Disney brought the EP Ripely out for people to see up close and even sit in.
    The Lazygeek visited on Sunday and brings us these shots.
  • Page Number: 2
    Also on hand were members of the Carolwood Pacific group, here is Michael Broggie
  • Page Number: 3
    Now onto a handful of Disneyland shots taken Monday and Tuesday at Disneyland.
  • Page Number: 4
    Here you can see the walls up on the North side of Club Buzz, reconfiguring the seating.
  • Page Number: 5
    Now into DCA.. again these were taken Monday and Tuesday.
    No line for Tower..
  • Page Number: 6
    I guess he was hungry so he went to the bread tour..
    No these are not free samples...
  • Page Number: 7
    The walls and tarps are finally down on the Golden Dreams entrance
    Here are a couple shots of Screamin using his burst mode feature (only 4 shots max though)
  • Page Number: 8
  • Page Number: 9
    A ride on King Tritons (you know this is one of the last remaining attractions on my to-ride list at either park)
  • Page Number: 10
    A shot from the Totem Ceremony
  • Page Number: 11
    Hopper lurcking in the weeds
    Roz at Monsters (the Lazygeek reported a 10 minute wait only)
    Not sure why he took this shot, guess he liked it..
  • Page Number: 12
    In the Lego store at Downtown Disney
  • Page Number: 13
    He closes with two World of Disney shots.
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