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    A random shot of the car along the tram way...
    Looks like most of the ground cover has been replaced (or trimmed way back).
    In front of the train station they were setting up for the rededication that was to take place at noon.
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    Thought the pictures were great!
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    A rather long line (one of the longest I saw all day) was for the Disney Gallery event/signings.
    Main Street and the hub were lined with Cast Members greeting everyone.
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    Notice the guy in the suit in the back of the shot, that is the current president of Disneyland, George Kalogridis
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    Great to see some signs up for the events later today.
  • Page Number: 7
    We stopped by Fantasyland and went for a spin on Dumbo (had to ride an opening day attraction)
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    Fantasyland is so peaceful in the morning..
    Also walked onto Pinocchio on the way out.
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    Queued up for DCA around 9am to ensure Fastpasses for the first World of Color show of the evening.
    While waiting noticed that on the time guide they listed the rededication as well as the sing a long, great to see. Wonder why the College Band reunion did not make the cut.
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    The exterior of the Little Mermaid building is moving along.
    The roof is going on the front portion.
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    Had some time to kill before the 10am park opening so took a couple random shots.
    First stop was Toy Story...
  • Page Number: 16
    I did ok, about average for me. I just cannot seem to hit that next level...
    But as you can see some gamer already went through and set a huge score for the day.
    By the time we exited the queue was already almost full.
  • Page Number: 17
    Next up the Fun Wheel to check out the Cars Land work. As you can see a lot of steel is up and it is growing daily.
    The rockwork near one of the entrances is really taking shape. Wonder how long until it is covered and we will not be able to see the work anymore...
    Quite a few workers on site for a Saturday.
  • Page Number: 18
    A tall structure going up in the middle.
    Over to the Little Mermaid now and a pan from left to right.
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  • Page Number: 20
    In the background you can see some white steel. I believe this is Ramones taking shape.
  • Page Number: 21
    The pit for the tires is looking rather deep.
    The footers look to be almost in for the rockwork in the center of the turn around.
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  • Page Number: 23
    No visible progress over near Burger Invasion, I am expecting one of these visits to see this sign gone...
  • Page Number: 24
    An interesting circle.. I could not match this up on the map.. anyone know what this is?
    The test car was going around the track. Really hard to get a shot now.
  • Page Number: 25
    A wide shot of the Mermaid work and World of Color viewing area.
  • Page Number: 26
    The Little Mermaid from the ground.
  • Page Number: 27
    From the Zephyr
    The center platform was at show level, same as it has been on almost every visit.
  • Page Number: 28
    They were cycling the swings, but no one on them (they were opened earlier then closed it looked like)
    From the Wharf some of the cars rockwork.
  • Page Number: 29
    A closer look at the rock work.
    More steel being put into place.
    The Backlot was quiet this morning.
  • Page Number: 30
    No visible progress from this angle.
  • Page Number: 31
    Over to Disneyland for the rededication, which started at high noon!
  • Page Number: 32
    Spotted someone with a set of commemorative mouse ears on.
    The 2010 Disneyland Ambassador greeted everyone
  • Page Number: 33
    The Disneyland Resort president, George Kalogridis was next on the docket.
    Robb Fischle, a current Disneyland security CM who participated in opening day as one of the children who ran across the bridge into Fantasyland spoke next about his experience.
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    A group of children took the stage to sung When You Wish Upon a Star in English, Japanese, French, and Chinese.
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    A larger childrens choir takes the stage for the finale.
  • Page Number: 36
    And of course Disney Characters...
  • Page Number: 37
    I was watching the finale and not my camera settings so these next couple are over exposed...
  • Page Number: 38
    Figured it out finally..
    The crowd leaving the area.
  • Page Number: 39
    A video clip from the celebration (sorry for the quality, due to the crowd, location, heat this is the best we could get).
    More of the re-dedication moment including the finale.
  • Page Number: 40
    The wait times around 12:45
    Waiting for the College Band Reunion
  • Page Number: 41
    Show time. The reunion band took the stage.
  • Page Number: 42
    Then the current band came out in front.
  • Page Number: 43
    They performed several songs, with previous directors taking a turn. (I have a video in a couple of pages).
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    If you were in the group and interested in any of pictures I would be more than happy to send you some.. just let me know..
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    Part I of the show.
    Part II of the show.
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    The Main Street Cinema has a new set of films that started running on Saturday. I believe they are slated to run the rest of the summer at least.
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    One screen has the opening day telecast and the others clips of the opening of the park as well as other key moments.
    Several of them had color footage (if I remember correctly from the D23 presentation the rehearsals were filmed in color so that is what we are seeing).
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    Between the new films and the A/C the Cinema had a large crowd.
    New signs out front too.
  • Page Number: 53
    Something I had not noticed.. the sub text on the Magic shop now.
  • Page Number: 54
    At 2:30 the College Band and reunion group had a parade down Main Street.
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    Along the route they stopped to perform a couple of songs.
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    They stopped again out by Small World
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  • Page Number: 60
    Afterwards we had the opportunity to chat with some former and current members of the band and directors. From left to right in this shot - Ben Goodner who manages the program, Alex Illes, Dr. Ron Mc Curdy (current director), Sal Lozano
    Dave Goodman (former band member as well worked in various roles within the Disney Co including VP of Entertainment for Disneyland)
    Then it was time to head to Main Street for the Sing Along. Spotted the Disneyland President up near the train station posing for pictures with those that recognized him.
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    A large crowd had gathered around Town Square.
    The square itself was blocked off and cleared of guests.
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    The dedication speech was played and the crowd sang happy birthday.
    CMs came streaming out for a dance number.
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    Characters were also part of the stream.
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  • Page Number: 75
    Video of the sing a long.
    After the number some of the characters hung around for pictures.
  • Page Number: 76
    The crowd heading back up Main Street after the event.
    The Dapper Dans performing near the Fire Station.
  • Page Number: 77
    Time for the Flag Retreat
  • Page Number: 78
    I could not hear (no mic) but it looked like the gentleman in the blue shirt was honored, my guess is he is retiring, they thanked him for his service to Disneyland.
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  • Page Number: 80
    The College Band making its way down for the pre-parade.
    Video of the College Band during the Pre-parade.
  • Page Number: 81
    Mickey Band Leader candy apples were available.
    A peek into the watch store.
  • Page Number: 82
    A look at the Emporium window as we strolled by.
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  • Page Number: 84
    Stopped by the Flag Pole on the way out.
  • Page Number: 85
    Still no sign of the hand cart.. hopefully it will come back.
    On the way out noticed all the commemorative maps were gone.
    Over at DCA Glow Fest was in full swing.
  • Page Number: 86
    The steel is showing how the Convention center will disappear from inside the park! Yeah!!
    Swung through Bugs Land to see if I could see any of the Red Car work.
  • Page Number: 87
    Not much was visible from the ground.
    From the Flyers you could see more, but the pictures did not come out that well..
  • Page Number: 88
    Killing some time waiting for World of Color...
  • Page Number: 89
    The DCA guidemap (notice the 55th note at the top)
    World of Color viewing options are now listed on the map.
  • Page Number: 90
    The Commemorative Disneyland map.
    The viewing are is empty and awaiting us.
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  • Page Number: 92
    The mass/crowd waiting to be let in.
    Noticed one of the spotlights on the bottom right is gone.
  • Page Number: 93
    Time for the Carnival of Color
  • Page Number: 94
    A short video clip of Lumieres intro
    Another short clip of Mikes intro
  • Page Number: 95
    We ended up right in front of Tigger.
  • Page Number: 96
    A little too close for pictures..
  • Page Number: 97
    Playing around with the lens...
  • Page Number: 98
    Time for World of Color.. I ended up watching most of the show but took a couple random shots to share..
  • Page Number: 99
    A video clip of the Under the Sea section.
  • Page Number: 100
    Pluto during the Wall-E segment
    Ahh... light rig in the way...
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  • Page Number: 103
    The fountains in the planters were running (notice in front of me).
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  • Page Number: 109
    A video clip of the last 7 minutes or so of the show..
    A peek down the backlot before heading out.
    A large crowd had gathered for the fireworks.
  • Page Number: 110
    One final look at the guidemaps
    Inside the Disneyland one they marked the opening day attractions
    A closer look
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