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Visit Date: 12/06/19
Steps: 21,328
Parks Miles: 10.0
Time in Parks: 9


Trip Log:

Arrived at the Disneyland Resort just after lunch and slightly earlier than usual due to almost no traffic on the drive to Anaheim. Was directed into a spot on the Goofy level with no delays, even hit a green light at Ball Road and did not have to slow down at all. After parking took a quick look at the elevator project and then went through security and boarded a waiting tram. Met some friends in the Esplanade then we all headed to Disneyland. Wandered around Main Street USA and the hub for a while before catching a performance by the Dapper Dans on Main Street. After their performance it started to drizzle then rain. We made our way Frontierland. The rest of the group stopped for lunch and I continued on to Batuu to take a look around since I had not visited in the rain yet. Walked through Black Spire Outpost then around through the Marketplace and Resistance Forest before heading back to Frontierland to rejoin the group. It was raining pretty good so we headed for the Golden Horseshoe and found a table for the Showdown at the Golden Horseshoe. After the show headed out to the rain. Made our way through Frontierland and Adventureland on the way back to Main Street USA. An announcement played that A Christmas Fantasy Parade was cancelled and in its place Mickey's Holiday Cavalcade will run. So waited around and watched the Cavalcade in a light rain. Crossed the Esplanade to Disney California Adventure, strolled up Buena Vista Street and decided to stay dry and grab a bite to eat in Smokejumpers Grill. After eating the rain let up and we ventured out into the park. Walked up the performance corridor a bit to take pictures of the Avengers Campus work then walked around to Hollywood Land to do the same. Spent some time on Hollywood Blvd and Buena Vista Street before exiting the park and walking through Downtown Disney and out to the west side. Caught teh 5:40pm Holiday Harmony performance. After their set returned to Disneyland and watched Mickey's Holiday Cavalcade in Town Square. Crossed back to Disney California Adventure and hiked out to Paradise Gardens to try and catch the 6:30 Viva Navidad. Got out there to find out it was cancelled. Walked by Paradise Gardens Park and found out the 7:00pm Phat Cat Swinger Holiday Concert was cancelled too. So slowly made my way back to the front of DCA. Met up with the rest of the group had gone to use FastPasses for Haunted Mansion then small world holiday. They had not seen Downtown Disney's Christmas decorations so walked through to take a look and listened to a couple songs from the Jazz Cartel on the west stage. Thought about taking the Monorail but it had a 30 min posted wait and a lot of guests on the platform so walked back to Disneyland. Stopped by the Disneyana store then made my way up Main Street and into Advnentureland. Continued on to New Orleans Square. Stopped by to visit Fortune Red and pick up a card then walked through Frontierland and out to Batuu. Took a quick look around and then headed for Fantasyland. Walked around the Matterhorn to Tomorrowland. The Dance Party was delayed/cancelled due to weather. Stopped by Alien Pizza Planet and some of the group grabbed a bite to eat. Then we all headed to Main Street USA for Believe in Holiday Magic. The show was delayed and did not have any of the large central shells this evening. After the snow stopped falling (which happened mid song) headed for the tram, my car and home.

Other Interesting Stats:
* Moderate Walking Stats (meaning over 2.5mph): 15,334 steps, 137 minutes.

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Note: These totals may be skewed because the pedometer is zero'd when we start and then left alone and read when we leave. So attractions, and other things may cause extra "steps" to be counted. The pedometer that we use basically measures up/down motion as a step, so if your standing in line and moving up and down it may be counting steps, etc.. so the total distances traveled and steps may be off.. so use these as rough distance comparisons between trips and they may not be accurate in terms of actual distance traveled.

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My Thoughts & Observations:

Hello Everyone!

Based on the weather forecast Thursday night and early Friday morning my plan was to visit the Disneyland Resort on Friday and skip this year's Candlelight this weekend due to the forecasted rain. I wanted to avoid the cold rain since I head to Walt Disney World next week. That plan backfired on me as the great sunny morning turned quickly to clouds as it neared time for me to head to Anaheim. Then shortly after I arrived it started to drizzle which turned to rain and it rained off and on until after 5pm and some sprinkles after that. Crowds in the parks seemed on the moderate side. Considering the weather it felt more crowded than I would have though. Wait times fluctuated throughout the afternoon.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Today I had a great arrival experience. The overpass was closed as the new normal but the Ball Road light was green and stayed green for me so I did not even have to slow down (or speed up). Only a couple cars ahead of me at the tollbooth then no delays going up the ramp and into a row. Was parked near the walkway which was nice for a change!

  • Caught a performance of the Dapper Dans. Always great to hear their Christmas set. I like the performance on the porch too since they are elevated and more guests can see them.

  • While walking through the hub and around the castle today the PhotoPass photographers seemed overly aggressive in pushing you away. Two examples, we were passing by the Partners statue and were off on the Tomorrowland side, well out of their usual framing. The photographer basically came over and stood in front of someone taking a picture saying they would have to go in line to take a picture of the statue because there was a line of guests. Then he turned around and asked if anyone wants their picture taken and it took him almost a minute to find someone and set them up centered on the statue, no where near where we were. The person taking a picture of the statue would have been long gone before they were taking their picture (plus they were out of frame any ways). Second instance was in front of the castle there was a cast member with a loud speaker asking guests to move and get in line, this was mid day. I understand asking people to stay out of their shots and not cut in their space or queues.. but seems a little over the top to claim a good portion of the fore court and hub for Photopass and give guests who are not really in the way a hard time.

  • Spent some time visiting Batuu. I had not been there in the rain so that was new for me. I realized my initial thought of little cover was very true. There are not many spots to hide from the rain.

  • New Coca-Cola Droid carts have debuted in Anaheim. Walt Disney World has had them for a while now. I spotted three out Friday. I have seen pictures of a Sprite cart too. A cast member I spoke to said that is used for stocking and not out all the time. I thought these carts were great to see and really fit in the land.

  • The 3:30pm A Christmas Fantasy Parade was cancelled due to rain. They played several announcements letting you know this and said Mickey's Holiday Cavalcade will run in its place. This Cavalcade featured two horseless carriages and two ombnibuses with characters and performers from the parade driving down the parade route while Christmas music played. I thought it was a nice rainy day alternative. Not as nice as the alternative they run in the Tokyo Parks, but still nice. Found it interesting they cancelled the 6:00pm parade too even though the rain had stopped well before and was forecasted not to return until later. The ground was still wet so guessing that was the primary concern.

  • Ate dinner at Smokejumpers Grill and lucked out with our timing to visit during a lull while it was raining. So I stayed dry and had no problem finding a table. There was no line to order but I still opted for Mobile order since I could do that from the table. Went to wait for my food and saw it come up (since there was no one else around and it matched my order it seemed like a logical fit. It sat there while CMs talked.. and then while they cleared up some things.. and then while they filled a couple orders that came in from the register. Finally they saw me and asked for my order number and pulled it for me. Not sure why they did not follow the regular procedure of when the order comes up going to the system to say its ready. It was really inefficient today. First time I have had that type of experience.

  • Downtown Disney has started holiday concerts for the season. Holiday Harmony was performing tonight (same group that was there Tuesday too but I missed them then due to it starting to rain). They perform on the small stage in front of the former Rain Forest, where the parrots used to come out. Their set drew ok crowds as it was along the main walkway but it is really in a quiet area and it does interfere with the west end stage.

  • It would be great if the Disneyland App was updated with cancellations due to weather. In additions to the parades shows and other entertainment would be great. For example Viva Navidad. I walked out there for the 6:30 show since they rain had stopped an hour before. The area was quiet, no cast members to be found, but some guests waiting. I assumed it was cancelled but decided to wait around. No announcements played while I was there until show time then they said it was cancelled. Seems a 5 and 10 min announcement and or a sign would be helpful. Then the 7:00pm Holiday Concert featuring Phat Cat Swinger was also cancelled. When I walked by I couldn't tell if they were setting up or cleaning up so asked a CM and they confirmed it was due to weather. At Disneyland the Holiday Dance Party was delayed at least maybe cancelled (I did not stick around but as of 9:00pm it had not started yet).

  • While walking through Buena Vista Street noticed Elias & Co had Rise of the Resistance merchandise. I thought this was rather odd to have merchandise for an attraction that does not open for another 6 weeks out already. Plus in a park where the attraction is not and in a land that has nothing to do with it.

  • Stopped by to visit Fortune Red in New Orleans Square. I am trying to finish the third story.. I am up to Chapter 7 so almost there. Walked up no problem but my app had a hard time connecting. Red would be triggered and then discharge the chapter 1 card. I had to try a handful of times before getting the proper chapter to come out.

  • Closed out my evening with Believe in Holiday Magic fireworks. The show was delayed. They played a delayed announcement right around show time. Then we waited. Finally close to 15 minutes late the projectors came on and show started. When it did though something was missing. None of the large/high shells were being used. It appeared everything from from the center/far launch point was not going off. Other shells were as well as what seemed like some more lower ones that I do not recall seeing usually. Then to complicate things more the smoke seemed to linger and obstructed the view.

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