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Visit Date: 6/19/19
Steps: 21,130
Parks Miles: 10.0
Time in Parks: 11.5


Trip Log:

Arrived in Anaheim by 6:30am and decided to grab some breakfast and then park the car in the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure. Arrived at the parking structure around 7am and there was no delay in parking at all. Took a look at the Pixar Pals Parking Structure work and the new bridge as I walked to Downtown Disney. Made my way to the parks and arrived at the Disneyland entrance just after they started to let guests onto Main Street, around 7:45am. Found the rest of my group in the hub and we waited for rope drop. Joined the mass moving quickly to Fantasyland. Waited just under 20 minutes for Peter Pan and then walked onto Mr. Toad, Casey Jr, Storybook Land Canal Boats, Tea Cups and Small World. We then ventured out into Toontown to take a look around. Some of the group went for a couple trips on the Go Coaster. It was approaching 10am as we made our way back to Main Street and headed for DCA. Along the way I stopped by the Cinema and picked up a digital FastPass for Toy Story. They picked up FastPasses for Soarin Over California and then we headed out to Paradise Park. Some paid Ariel a visit then we split up with some heading for single rider at Radiator Springs Racers and the rest to Pixar Pier. I used a FastPass for Toy Story that I picked up digitally earlier. Then some went for a spin on the Critter Carousel before we continued around Pixar Pier. It was nearing time for their Soarin FastPass so most of the group headed that way and I took a look at the Marvel Construction then walked around Hollywood Land. Met up with the group at Smokejumpers for lunch. After lunch we all headed to Hollywood Land. Took in a showing of Philharmagic and then some went to hold a spot in line for Disney Jr and I spent some time in the Animation Building before joining them. After the show we made our way to Cars Land and went for a spin on Mater's Junkyard Jamboree. Thought about Luigis but the line was longer than my patience so instead we took a a look around Radiator Springs then made our way out to Paradise Gardens Park for Tale of the Lion King. After the show the group went for a second visit under the sea with Ariel and I walked out to the Emotional Whirlwind to get some pictures. Then met them at Ghirardelli. They continued to eat and I made my way over to Disneyland and found a spot for the 5:15pm All-American College Band performance. Watched them in Town Square then on Main Street USA. Stopped by the Tomorrowland Terrace for a bite to eat and then some went for a drive on the Autopia. We watched the end of Soundsational and then found a spot for the 6:45pm All-American College Band set in front of the Castle. After their performance headed for the tram, car and home.

Other Interesting Stats:
* Moderate Walking Stats (meaning over 2.5mph): 14,960 steps, 129 minutes.

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Note: These totals may be skewed because the pedometer is zero'd when we start and then left alone and read when we leave. So attractions, and other things may cause extra "steps" to be counted. The pedometer that we use basically measures up/down motion as a step, so if your standing in line and moving up and down it may be counting steps, etc.. so the total distances traveled and steps may be off.. so use these as rough distance comparisons between trips and they may not be accurate in terms of actual distance traveled.

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My Thoughts & Observations:

Hello everyone!

I spent Wednesday at the Disneyland Resort.   Several family members have Deluxe Annual passes and as of Thursday they are blocked out through the end of August from Disneyland (they can go to Disney California Adventure) and they wanted to get one more trip in.   Also this trip my two and a half year old nephew was with us so the attraction mix was different than my normal visit.   Crowds were moderate for summer.  There were more guests than previous visits but still not too bad.  Wait times were under an hour most of the day for most attractions and then crept upwards in the afternoon/evening as usual.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • We arrived in Anaheim early in an effort to avoid the morning traffic.  After breakfast I headed for the Mickey and Friends parking structure, it was around 7am and there were no delays.  Tollbooths all had one or two cars per lane only.  There was a slight pause near the aisle but nothing bad.    The parking indicator system was operational on Wednesday.  There were red/green/blue lights indicating if a spot was full, open or handicap.  At the end of the aisle was a display with the number of open spots on the aisle.

  • The Pixar Pals Parking Structure is expected to open next week.  The structure itself looks complete.  Signage and striping is done, lights were on, and crews were cleaning and applying finishing touches.  The tram stop/escalator/security area had several crews working on elements of it.  Walls are being reconfigured and prepared to transition to the next phase of work at the tram stop which will be to remove the current tram way return and replace it with pavers and landscaping as well as working on the tram drop off side.   The new bridge over Magic Way has been installed since my last visit and the ramp to Downtown Disney is taking shape.  Disney keeps saying it will be open in September but it appears to be moving faster than that.

  • I walked through a really quiet Downtown Disney to reach the parks.  There are some new elements in some of the planters for summer.  They are abstract references to Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse plus some other props.  I am not sure exactly what to call them, but they were different and something new to see.

  • I arrived in the Esplanade around 7:45am as they were just starting to let guests onto Main Street USA.  Rope drop at a Disney Park is always an exciting time.  The energy and anticipation from the crowd is great and cast members are too. 

  • Our first stop (along with a good number of other guests) was Peter Pan.  We were near the front and walked quickly but it still took almost 20 minutes to board our pirate ship.   After that though we were able to go through a handful of attractions with little to no wait and within 90 minutes had visited everything on our list for Fantasyland.

  • The Main Street USA Cinema received a pop-up store last Friday.   Wednesday turned out to be its last day of operation, it was removed overnight and by Thursday the cinema had returned to normal plus some new benches.   I was not a fan of the transformation.  I think the underlying reason Disney gave of trying to drive more guests into the cinema was a good idea but turning it into a store was not and the execution of the store plan was even worse.  It was very temporary and the merchandise was generic and available at several other locations.  I have seen a lot of posts/tweets on this topic since the change last week.  I think the ideas of adding some interactivity, rotating films or doing limited releases there to help increase traffic all sound interesting.   Disney has said they plan to try out other tests so it will be interesting to watch what happens here.  Hopefully the store concept is gone for good though.

  • Over at Disney California Adventure Pixar Pier continues to evolve.  Forky from Toy Story 4 has arrived in statue form outside the Lamplight Lounge entrance.   At the Poultry Palace the Zurg figure has been moved up to the top of the juicebox.    Bo Peep has arrived and meets guests in front of Toy Story Midway Mania.  

  • I was really hoping with the release of Toy Story 4 we would see a new game or some tweaks to Toy Story Midway Mania.   Nothing has materialized though.

  • The Pixar Pal-A-Round was pushing 30 minutes the two times I walked by so no aerial pictures this visit.  The wait times do seem up for the attraction since Pixar Pier opened.  During the Cars Land construction days I think my average wait time was under 20. Now it seems to always be over that throughout the day.

  • The Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind is nearing completion.  No opening day but a Disney Parks Blog post said by the end of the month.   Wednesday morning they were painting and working in the area, by the afternoon they were cycling the attraction. 

  • Spent some time in Hollywood Land.   No visible progress on the theater entrance/Award Wieners seating are renovation project.  The scaffolding and covers make it really hard to see anything. From the permits that have been files we know there will be a new sign on Hollywood Blvd and a ticket office prop added.  It appears there will be little to no queue and you will enter from Hollywood Blvd.  The assumption is the seating that was where the entrance is will move to the former walkway/queue space and become more permanent there. 

  • The lobby area of Philharmagic was turned into a seating area.  Guests decided to just pull up some carpet and relax waiting for the show.  The floor area was fairly full.  Would be nice if they added some more benches along the perimeter at least.  Also if they would utilize the screens more than just some animation and occasionally showing how many minutes till show time.

  • Took in a performance of the Disney Jr. Dance Party.  I had not seen it in a while, Vamparina was new to me to give an idea of timeframe.   I enjoyed the old puppet show more than the dance party but the kids really seem to love the party so it is a hit with the target audience.

  • Walked through Cars Land and went for a spin on Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree since it was a 10 minute wait. Luigis was posted at 20 so I skipped it.  I did watch a couple cycles and it appears several cars are missing again/still.  There were some very large gaps.  I did not count to compare but it seemed as if a handful were missing at least.

  • The 2019 Disneyland Resort All-American College Band has started their summer performances.  They will be performing Monday through Friday through August 9th.   This year their set times are: 4:30 Flag Retreat Ceremony, 5:15 Main Street USA, 6:45 Sleeping Beauty Castle, 7:35 Town Square, 8:45 Hollywood Backlot Stage (concert set).    The band always marks summer for me so I was really happy to see them again.   This year they are being led by a student again, no faculty advisor.   Also changed this year they have a member introduce their own section.  In the two sets I saw there was a new Aladdin number added to the Castle Set, no other new music.    I thought it would have been fun to hear the Galaxy’s Edge music as part of the Star Wars Medley. 

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