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    Halloween Time kicked off at the Disneyland Resort today. In this picture set I feature the Halloween related pictures. For other pictures from today check out the regular update I posted.
    The Mickey and Friends Tram Stop features Halloween Time Billboards
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    Along the tram way the same decorations as the last several years.
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    Some Downtown Disney Banners feature Halloween (the reverse side Cars Land).
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    The entrance turn stile work is complete and the Character pumpkins are out.
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    Goofy made out of pumpkins
    Minnie made out of pumpkins
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    The entrance floral Mickey. Years ago they redid this out of fall crops. Not anymore.
    Main Street is home to the pumpkin festival. The red, white and blue of summer is gone and orange, yellow and pumpkins now on the buildins.
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    The Mad Hatter
    One of the few shops that has pumpkins to match the theme outside (others have windows, but most of the roof top pumpkins are generic).
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    The large pumpkin Mickey in town square has returned (also note today was Dapper Day so you will see quite a few guests dressed up in the background of some pictures).
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    As I walked up Main Street took pictures of the pumpkins on the buildings.
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    Halloween Time Banners line the street.
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    A travel mug is available at several locations. This one in Coke Corner.
    Approaching the BBQ, it is decked out for Halloween as usual.
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    Interesting to note. This entrance says Big Thunder Ranch Halloween Roundup (the other says Carnival, I get a picture on the way out).
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    Some fall props
    Overhead some pumpkin lanterns
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    The goats are ready too. It was in the mid 90s so not a lot of movement this afternoon.
    The Halloween Carnival takes place daily in the Jamboree area. Here is the schedule.
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    The signage all appears to be the same as last year.
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    The Pirates League is present again. No business this afternoon. A lot of cast members ready to work but no guests while I was in the area.
    Disneyland had a photographer and film crew taking pictures and video while I was there.
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    A favorite of mine.. the pumpkin carvers.
    Since it was the first day not a lot done yet.. but a couple.
    Elvis Stitch carved into this pumpkin.
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    The Maleficent pumpkin was a focal point.
    A classic Mickey pumpkin
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    Conjure a Villain is back. I did not visit this trip. The line was long, does not move, and with the heat and hay it did not seem inviting to me.
    Characters were roaming around as usual. Here Minnie is signing a picture for a guest.
    The Villain tent.
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    Halloween Crafts have returned so you can color a mask to use in the parade.
    Since the Billies are gone this year they brought in a Magic act.
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    A wider shot of the area. A fair number of guests moving around.
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    A sample mask
    Two to choose from this afternoon.
    A couple other masks that the characters use.
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    Some of the props around the area.
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    While in the slow line for the Villains there was a mind reader/mystic that would perform throughout the day.
    The line for the Villain tent.
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    The Games of Fun have returned. This year the Cast a Spell ring toss and wheel.
    Carnival Treats is between the games and tent.
    The menu. The only Halloween themed item is the Candy Corn Cotton Candy.
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    Still no activity at the Pirates League.. well card games for Cast Members but not much else.
    The film crew in action.
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    A closer look at the ticket window on the way in (same as last year but still some fun details)
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    The Scare-Dy-Crow welcomes you
    Inside the shack.
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    The other entrance sign to the Ranch area. As I mentioned earlier.. this one features the Halloween Carnival. I will return to the Carnival in a bit for the show.
    Now off to Frontierland and the Dia De Los Muertos celebration in Zocalo Park.
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    A Face painting area.
    The Ray Bradbury Halloween Tree is back in Frontierland.
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    There are several locations with special offerings for Halloween Time. Here is a Maleficent Dragon Sipper.
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    The Haunted Mansion Holiday reopened today. It had a posted 40 min wait, so just some exterior pictures as I walked by.
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    The extended queue was set up and in use. No FastPass again this year.
    At the Royal St. Veranda. Their Halloween Time offerings.
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    Bengals BBQ Halloween Time Treat
    Bengals BBQ Halloween Time Treat
    Halloween popcorn buckets.
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    A closer look.
    Another travel mug.. plus option fo rthe Maleficent Dragon Sipper
    On my way back to the Halloween Carnival. They re-used last year sign. Notice the plug for the Haunted Hillbillies.
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    Not much activity at the Pirates League.
    The mind reader was out, I missed her name though.
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    Donald dressed up as a pumpkin
    Show time. A jester takes the stage to introduce the mask-arade
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    Time for the mask-arade.
    A couple of dancers lead the way then the stilt walkers.
    Followed by characters and kids.
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    It makes its way around the area.
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    Eventually ending up back in front of the stage for a dance number.
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    Here is a video of the mask-arade procession and introduction.
    Next up a Magician takes the stage to perform.
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    A video clip of a portion of the Magicians Rope trick routine
    Next a card trick.
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    Next up a levitation trick. Here is a clip of the trick.
    A clip of his finale trick.
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    To exit they have a procession with the dancers, stilt walkers and Mickey around the area.
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    A random ghost on the lose.. it bumped right into me.
    Then went on to scare/chase this cast member.
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    Goofy in his Halloween Costume.
    Quick trip out to Toontown. No real decorations visible beyond this on the gazebo.
    Back to the Carnival for round two. Mickey was helping some guests color.
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    Donald roaming around.
    Thought this was funny. A guest was taking a picture of Mickey and Minnie photobombed in the background.
    A closer look.
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    Time for the Mask-arade.
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    The Magic act was the same the second time around. But a different card was drawn this time.
    And this time he used an audience member for the levitation trick.
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    A pumpkin carver working on a Scar pumpkin
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    A little easier to read the sign on the way out.
    The Village Haus Halloween Time offering.
    And the travel mugs.
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    The fountain drink cups are the same generic ones as the past couple of years.
    Time to get in line for the Haunted Mansion. It looked like they just reopened and guests were walking through the queue. It still took nearly 30 minutes from when I entered the queue till I was onboard a doom buggy.
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    Inside the foyer waiting to enter the stretching room.
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    The stretching room, appeared to be the same as last year, no big changes jumped out to me on a first pass through.
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    The projection effect was back again this year and looked good.
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    Here is a video I took last year (this trip through I just did stills). It was the same this year.
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    Waiting to board my doom buggy.
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    Now some random pictures from my ride through. First up Zero in the endless hallway
    Madam Leota
    The gingerbread house this year
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    The coffin opens to reveal a gingerbread man inside.
    Thought the framing here with the railing was fun.
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    Passing through the attic. I did not see the Monkey Bride this trip. Anyone spot it yet?
    Entering the graveyard.
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    A better picture of the sipper at Royal St. Veranda
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    Passing through the hub. The jack o lanterns surround the Partners Statue.
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    Tomorrowland Terrace Halloween Time special.. a Monster U Style burger
    Next stop Buena Vista Street. Some Halloween inspired treats at Trolley Treats.
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    Popcorn bucket offerings on Buena Vista Street.
    The Mad T Party is decked out for the season again.
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    The Mad T Party Band was performing.
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    They closed their set with This is Halloween. Here is a video clip from last year.
    I did not stick around, because I wanted to see Fantasmic, but I am assuming they ended their night with Thriller. Here is a clip from last year.
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    Out at Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta a Halloween Time offering.
    Note it is now a slice of pizza. The Flatbreads are gone.
    Back to the Mad T Party now that it is a little darker before returning to Disneyland.
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    On my way into Disneyland.
    Red Rockets has special pizza for Halloween Time too.
    The Monster Mac and Cheese Pizza.
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    Walking through the hub.
    The Halloween Tree in Frontierland.
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    An ad for the Halloween party on the way out.
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