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    There are three Whirlpool Spas in the Waikolohe Valley. All have the same sets of rules and information, here is one of the signs.
    First up one near the middle of the valley called Waikolohe Whirlpool Spa. It overlooks the Waikolohe Stream and Kawele Korner.
    It is more or less a traditional spa. Also it seemed to offer some shade compared to the other one.
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    The other Whirlpool Spas (Sunset Upper and Sunset Lower) overlook the beach facing westward (hence the sunset names). It is a two tiered spa. Here I am looking up at it from the walkway near the lagoon.
    A closer look
    The steps leading to it.
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    The views from this one are incredible.
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    I had to try a backside of water picture... since I had a water camera with me. First attempt failed..
    Second one was not too bad.
    A video clip to end with

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