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    To celebrate its second anniversary Aulani held its first Annual Rubber Ducky Derby in the Waikolohe Stream at high noon. As part of the festivities each department around the resort decorated a duck.
    Not sure what the winners received or who won. The ducks were lined up in the Pau Hana Room and CMs were stopping by to vote and look at them all morning.
    A closer look at the ducks now.
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    One of my favorite.
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    As race time neared the Waikolohe Stream was emptied of guests and prepped for the race.
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    Before the big race Djuan Rivers the original vice president of the resort spoke. He was over near the finish so no picture, but you can hear him in this clip.
    Here is some video of the big race. Clips include the start, some along the way, and the finish.
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    Elliott Mills, vice president and general manager of Aulani
    Djuan Rivers, the original vice president and general manager of Aulani who oversaw the opening
    Donald was on hand for the festivities. I thought he should have been in the water leading the ducks!
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    Donald playing to the crowd.

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    Some pictures from the race. Here is the main pack making its way from the slide.
    Oops some got stuck on the other side of the barrier..
    A couple pulled way ahead early on.
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    The race was open to all registered guests. You could sign up and receive a duck number. For each duck registered Aulani donated $10 to the Nature Conservancy fund.
    Disney raised $8850 from the event. If your duck placed in the top 10 you won. There was also a cast member contest.
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    The ducks ended up making a little over one lap around. Here they are passing by the finish line the first time.
    Events cast members were giving updates on who was in the lead and interviewing guests along the course.
    My duck number was 226, I did not see it.
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    They had a couple of cameras floating with the ducks. Guessing for a parks blog posting or just a fun video.. hope it surfaces soon.
    The lead group has spread out.
    The leader.
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    Guests lined up watch, photopass photographers snapping away, and other CMs trying to keep the ducks on course and out of the filters.
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    Waiting for them to round this corner.
    Here come the leaders.
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    Herding the main pack became a challenge for the cast members.
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    The camera still going strong.
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    All the ducks gathering around the camera..
    Keeping the back of the pack moving.
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    Guests gathered near the finish line.
    As the leaders came across cast members grabbed them to get their numbers.
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    There was also a cast member in the water shooting video at the finish line.
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    Time to gather the ducks up.
    And the cameras.
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    Another shot of the crowd.
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    One of the cameras.
    The ducks gathered up. Hope you enjoyed the Duck Derby!

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