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    While flying from LAX to Vancouver we flew over Yosemite (no decent pictures) then Lake Tahoe.
    As well as several mountains up in Washington (I forget exactly which this is).
    Arriving in Vancouver just after 12:30 in the afternoon. The International arrivals are above the main concourse and you walk through glass hallways to get to customs.
  • Page Number: 2
    Looking down below it looked like a nice airport and not too busy at all mid day on a Saturday.
    We took part in a US Direct program that meant we would skip the usual custom area and instead be put on a bus directly to the ship from the airport.
    We were eventually led outside and into a bus on the tarmac that was then sealed with a sticker until we got to the ship.
  • Page Number: 3
    The bus worked its way around the terminal outside.
    And at a few points underneath.
  • Page Number: 4
    Eventually we made it out of the airport and then took the scenic way to the cruise ship dock at Canada Place. Due to there being no freeways in the city it was all surface streets and slow.
    A large hotel in the distance.
  • Page Number: 5
    The driver was explaining all the sights as we went by but I could not take notes and pictures so just took pictures...
  • Page Number: 6
    I remember he said the Olympic village was close to that sphere.. the sphere is at the Telus Science World
    BC Place - Home of the BC Lions (Canadian Football) and Vancouver Whitecaps (soccer)
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  • Page Number: 8
    We then drove through China Town which is the second largest in North America, right behind San Francisco.
  • Page Number: 9
    Next up through Gastown
    A steam powered clock
  • Page Number: 10
    Canada Place on the left and our ship on the right.
    We had to circle around to get there.. here is the ship from the distance. This cruise was not on Disney due to the itinerary and pricing.
    Eventually made our way underneath Canada Place along side the ship.
  • Page Number: 11
    We disembarked and then went through security and up to the checkin and boarding area and onto the ship.
    Once onboard traveled the long hallway to our stateroom..
    Home for the next week.
  • Page Number: 12
    Looking back.
    My workstation for the week (soon this would be covered with computer and camera gear)..
    The bathroom. Decent size by cruise ship standards but still liked the divided bathroom Disney ships have better.
  • Page Number: 13
    The view from the balcony of Vancouver.
    I then grabbed a quick bite to eat and set out to explore. I missed the open house.. but behind this net was the kids outdoor play area on the back of the ship.
  • Page Number: 14
    This was the teen side with a ping pong table.
    The younger kids side had some other toys out.
    And a small pool.
  • Page Number: 15
    The younger kids side was open so walked through. Computer terminals.
    A quick look around.
  • Page Number: 16
    The schedule of events.
    On deck 18, at the top of the ship, was a basketball court.
  • Page Number: 17
    Looking back at the city from the basketball court deck.
    The pool area.. no one really taking advantage of it this afternoon. Temps were in the low 60s probably.
    Canada Place from one of the wings up front.
  • Page Number: 18
    A very active sea plane area.
    Looking out across the bay.
  • Page Number: 19
    A few more shots of downtown.
    Thought this was interesting with the trees on top.
  • Page Number: 20
    A sea plane making its approach.
    It circled around and now coming in to land.
  • Page Number: 21
    Setting sail.. I did not even hear the horn go off..
    A sea plane taking off.
    A gas station for the planes and boats.
  • Page Number: 22
    A small crowd had gathered to wave as we set sail.
    I forget what this is now, but this was the broadcast center during the Olympics. Notice the grass on the roof. I think its a convention center now.
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  • Page Number: 24
    Another sea plane touching down.
    The Brockton Point Lighthouse in Stanley Park
    The dot in the center here is the Girl in a Wetsuit statue in Stanley park.
  • Page Number: 25
    Approaching the Lions Gate Bridge
    Looking up as we passed under the bridge.
  • Page Number: 26
    Looking back at the city.
    To give you a sense of scale notice the bus going over the bridge.
  • Page Number: 27
    A sea plane passing overhead.
    Down on the pool deck a sail away party underway.. I think the cruise staff out numbered the guests down by the band.
    Plenty of guests looking on from above though.
  • Page Number: 28
    Another lighthouse as we head out.
    In the Piazza a trio out to entertain guests.
    Its a three story area.
  • Page Number: 29
    A look at some of the desserts and other goodies at the International Cafe
    Next door at Alfredos Pizzeria you could order a custom pizza if you desired.
  • Page Number: 30
    A lounge next door to enjoy your pizza and wine in.
    Our view from the dinner table this evening.
    After dinner walked around the ship a bit and on the way back to the room passed through a second pool area, that had the roof closed after dinner. A couple guests out for a swim. After this called it a night after a long day of travel.

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