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    We arrived at Kona International airport on the Big Island after a short hop to start the second part of our trip.
    We stayed in Waikoloa. Getting around Kona was a bit easier.. there was one light exiting the airport and you could go left or right. Not many choices..
    Looking back at the airport
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    A lot of nothing on the way...
    Beware of donkeys... we spotted some legs on one trip, but really did not see much.
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    Heading into the resort area
    We stayed in a condo/villa, the Aston Colony Villas to be exact. This is the master bedroom
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    A look out the window at what I believe was the 15th green.
    Heading downstairs to the family room
    And kitchen. There also was a bedroom and bath downstairs.
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    Headed over to the Queens Marketplace for lunch (they had a foodcourt with some options that looked good), where as the nearby Kings did not.
    There was a classic car museum, looked more like a normal store, did not go inside due to there be an admission charge.
    An outdoor area where on a different visit they had entertainment.
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    Time to hit the road. We headed North toward Kapaau, here is a King Kamehameha Statue there.
    here is a King Kamehameha Statue there.
    We headed to the Polou Valley Lookout.
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    Thought this was great.. water for tourists, with a tip jar. (also a guard horse was near by).
    The end of the road is where the lookout is.
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    A closer look
    Looking inland.
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    Plenty of warnings.
    The trail heading down. 3 miles to the restrooms.
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    A closer look in the valley
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    Back on the road again. Heading to Waimea for dinner
    Quite a bit of cattle in this part of the island.
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    Back at the room, this is the exterior.
    Headed over the beach for sunset.
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