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    Today we headed toward Diamond Head and around the Southern/Eastern side of the island.
    Forgot the name of this overlook but some waves and surfers. (I think this was Wailupe Beach Park down below)
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    Spotted this garage door along the road.
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    Looking back at the road we just came down.
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    Hmm... what is wrong with this shot? Not part of our group luckily.. but maybe they were at the Stupid Factory we saw the other day.
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    Next up Blowhole.
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    A nearby lagoon.
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    Blowhole is down there.. the waves were not hitting correctly right this moment to get a good shot..
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    The best we were going to get today, guess the tide was not right. But what happens is the water goes through a cave/channel and comes out like a spout. Here you can see it sputtering out a bit.
    A map of where we are
    Looking down the coast.
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    One more attempt..
    Another lookout around further down the road. This one is near the Sea Life park, I believe it was Makapuu Beach Park below.
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    The Sea Life Park entrance across the street.
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    Back on the road.
    We next headed up in the mountains to cut back toward Honolulu using the Pali Highway this time.
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    We next headed up to the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Punchbowl).
    Looking back from the entrance toward Diamond Head
    Heading in.
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    Once you reach the top the large structure houses these great murals (not sure what you would call them) that tell the story of the battles of the Pacific.
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    A wide shot.
    Here you can see the detail in them.
    In the center a small chapel
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    Back on the road and traveling on Tantalus Dr. on our way to Round Top
    Now some shots from the Puu Ualakaa State Wayside. From here they say you can see 1/3 of Oahu.
    To help with location that is Punchbowl straight ahead and in the distance the airport.
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    A closer look at the airport
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    Pearl Harbor in the distance.
    Our hotel was down there along the water (just beyound the tall high rise in the middle of the shot)
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    Now a pass with the telephoto lens.. here is the University of Hawaii
    Diamond Head
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    The airport with a jet taking off.
    A better shot of the hotel. We are in the second tower in along the water (the shorter ones).
    Looking the other way.
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    An attempt an artsy shot through the trees..
    Back in Waikiki along Ala Moana they were lighting the torches
    Heading to the Royal Hawaiian with all the other USC faithful for the rally.
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    Their pool area.
    From the beach.
    Looking back, the rally was on their outdoor terrace area.
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    A great spot to watch the sunset and visit with fellow Trojan fans.
    Some fans even hung banners on their hotel balconies.
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    Thought this was great, this guy roaming around with his medal detector in the water.
    A local news crew covering the festivities. They said there were 2,000 fans at the rally. Over 5,000 came for the game and they were estimated to have spent $10 million.
    Some dancers came out to kick off the official program. As you can see we were quite a ways back.
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    Noticed this guy on a near by roof, just hanging out.. maybe he was working on that light/camera, but it looked to me he was just enjoying the sunset/rally.
    The alumni director/president for Hawaii I believe, but I did not catch the full title/name.
    Pat Haden, the new athletic director for USC
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    A wider shot of the crowd.
    Next up the band came out.
    In the center is Art Bartner, the long time director.
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    The sun was almost set.
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    Time to head back to the hotel, we walked along the beach.
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