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    Walt Disney Parks and Resorts hosted a 90 minute presentation in Hall D23 on Saturday afternoon at D23 Expo 2017.
    The lights dim as show time approaches.
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    The opening number was a life performance with video highlighting the parks.
    Many of the performers were familiar faces to Disneyland fans.
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    Bob Chapek is introduced.
    He spoke about the cast and great year.
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    He then played this highlight reel of the past year.
    And announced on the way out we all would get a mystery pin from one of the parks around the world. Here is the full set. I was disappointed to get the one pin in the set I own.. the Tokyo DisneySea one I bought last November when I was there!
    First up was to talk about the Star Wars projects opening 2019 at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.
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    He shared some of the news that broke at the last D23 Expo when they announced the new lands.
    Then talked about how they will take the detail and immersion from Pandora to a new level.
    He shared some new concept art, this piece of a hanger scene in the battle escape attraction.
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    A look at the Millennium Falcon cockpit.
    A few pictures of the model on display at the Parks exhibit.
    Then the big news.. the reveal of the name.. the new lands will be called Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge
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    Some old friends like Rex will have a new role in Galaxys Edge
    Scott Trowbridge is the portfolio lead for the Star Wars projects. He came out to speak about the interactions in the new land.
    A look into Galaxy's Edge
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    Rex works at a restaurant now.
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    Concept art of the AT-AT scene in the Battle Escape attraction.
    Next up Bob spoke about Mickey Mouse and how he did not have an attraction...
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    Until now.. he announced a new attraction for Disney's Hollywood Studios featuring Mickey Mouse and the gang.
    Also unveiled the name, Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway.
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    Kevin Rafferty is the lead Imagineer on the project and he came out on stage to talk about the project.
    He spoke about how Mickey needed a breakthrough attraction.
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    The new attraction will use projection, sets and more to transport you into Mickey's world.
    Showing a test at WDI.
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    He said the attraction will not need glasses, this is a picture of them exploring a model of it.
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    Next up an entertainment break. The introduction/set up was about the warehouse that keeps retired Disney attractions that first appeared in the MSEP commercials. So they launched into a performance honor past attractions.
    A tribute to the Golden Horseshoe
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    Carousel of Progress
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    Mad T Party
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    Tapestry of Nations at Epcot
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    A couple short video clips of the performance.
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    Next up they introduced Tom Fitzgerald to talk about Epcot. Here he is with a figure modeled after him.
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    Ratatouille is coming to Epcot and will be added to France in World Showcase.
    China will receive a new seem-less, digital circle vision.
    The original circle vision camera.
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    The new digital rig.
    A glimpse of what Epcot may become.
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    A new Guardians of the Galaxy Experience coming to Future World (not announced but it will take the place of Universe of Energy)
    How the story links to Epcot.. he visited as a kid.
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    A new mission for the green team at Mission Space opening in August plus new HD video for the Orange.
    The new mission will fly around earth.
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    No date announced but a Space themed restaurant coming to Future World.
    The Shanghai Disneyland Tron coaster will be coming to the Magic Kingdom before the park turns 50 in 2021.
    It will be located right next to Space Mountain.
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    Bob then moved on resorts.. first up a make over for the Disneyland Paris Hotel New York. It will feature the Art of Marvel.
    Then a new resort for Walt Disney World to feature a new/unique Star Wars experience.
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    Concept art inside the new hotel. It would be a multi day experience where you would be part of the Star Wars universe.
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    Rooms would not have windows but instead video walls.
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    A new Disney Vacation Club tower called the Riviera will be built. This is the work at the Caribbean Beach Resort.
    A new transport option, the Minnie Van, will be starting at Walt Disney World. For a flat fee you can go from your Resort to anywhere on property.
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    Disney Skyliner is under construction and will link Pop Century, Art of Animation, Caribbean Beach, Riviera to both Epcot and the Studios.
    A map of the route.
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    The Magic Kingdom will get a new theater on Main Street USA.
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    It will be modeled on this one.
    Wendy Anderson came out to talk about Cruise Line entertainment.
    A new production of Beauty and the Beast is coming.
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    Next up a performance by the cast as rehearsal footage played.
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    Then a surprise announcement.. a 7th Disney ship is under construction. With the three new ones to be delivered in 2021, 2022, and 2023.
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    Toy Story Playland at Disney's Hollywood Studios will open Summer 2018.
    Paint the Night is moving from Disneyland to Disney California Adventure.
    Pixar Pier is taking over Paradise Pier.
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    The Cars in Cars Land will decorate for Halloween this year.
    Baby Groot appeared to talk about his attractions and of course said a lot...
    They spoke about the new Fantasmic at Disneyland that was to open on Monday and as a surprise for D23 guests everyone in the hall would get a FastPass to one of four preview shows (you have to provide your own park entrance ticket).
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    The presentation wrapped up with another performance number.
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    On the way out you received this plastic ticket. You then had to go to the Stage Pass area and redeem it for a FastPass for the show.
    The line backed up and I was near the front of guests exiting. The presentation ended around 4:35pm and I went straight to this line.
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    Looking back the line behind me.
    And what is still in front of me.
    At 5:00pm I reached the switchbacks for Stage Pass. The tickets are being distributed near that far column.
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    5:21pm and I can see the distribution area clearly.
    The end of the line.. I have a ways to go to get there. There were tables/counters for each show and you could choose as long as they had wristbands left.
    Looking back at the line behind me still.
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    Another view behind me.. they filled in the arena queue space too.
    Almost there.. 5:49pm
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    Picked up my wristband at 5:55pm.. over an hour after leaving the hall.
    A wristband was put on you and you received this flyer with instructions.
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