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    This front line was for the two premium packages and beyond it the regular line for D23 members.
    The regular line stretched further than I could see.
    We headed to the third floor once they let us in to wait for the Cruise Line presentation.
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    Waiting for the show to start, we were seated 15 minutes or so before showtime.
    Imagineers Joe Lanzisero and Bob Zalk gave the presentation. They started with a brief history.
  • Page Number: 3
    Some early ship concepts.
  • Page Number: 4
    Building the Disney Dream.
  • Page Number: 5
    That is ice/snow on deck during some testing/finishing.
  • Page Number: 6
    A quick look around the Dream.
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  • Page Number: 9
  • Page Number: 10
    The storyboard for the attraction
  • Page Number: 11
    An inside stateroom
    One of the areas for children onboard.
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  • Page Number: 15
    Then it was on to the upcoming ship the Fantasy.
  • Page Number: 16
    All the interiors are build out and stored waiting to be installed eventually.
  • Page Number: 17
    The Animators Palate has been tweaked for the Fantasy.
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  • Page Number: 19
    A look at the new Animation Magic
  • Page Number: 20
    After the cruise presentation it was time to get in line for Cars Land.. only a little over 3 hours before the presentation began. Seems I spent a lot of time in waiting rooms like this over the three days. This was my last wait of the Expo!
    The panel for the presentation.
  • Page Number: 21
    John Lasseter started off with with the history of the films.
    Followed by Kevin Rafferty talking about how Carland became Cars Land.
  • Page Number: 22
    Some early Carland concepts
  • Page Number: 23
    The next evolutionary step was to introduce Disney characters to the concept
    Then they switched to building it on the Cars franchise.
  • Page Number: 24
    Kathy Mangum was next to talk about the current state of the project.
  • Page Number: 25
    A time lapse video of the land taking shape from the Tower of Terror (think this was the same one that was shown at the press event a few months ago but now you could see it more clearly).
    A look at Maters from a few days/week ago.
  • Page Number: 26
    It is going to be incredible to stand there...
    Some of the detail making it into the land.
  • Page Number: 27
    The stone wall on Flos that I have been shooting from the Fun Wheel.
    The Flying Tires attraction.
    A ride vehicle.
  • Page Number: 28
    A closer look at the rock work, the first finished fin.
  • Page Number: 29
    Some of the queue structures for the Racers.
    One of two bridges in the attraction.
  • Page Number: 30
    Jennifer Mok talked about the landscaping
    Inset is the tree that they saved and will be bring in.
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  • Page Number: 32
    Looks just like the film.
    Roger Gould wrapped up the panel.
    The timeline for the land.
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  • Page Number: 34
    Some of the backstory of how the town came to be. Here is the initial spring.
  • Page Number: 35
    He is already installed in the attraction.
  • Page Number: 36
    The panel concluded with an appeal from John Lasseter.
    As many of you geeks know he used to be a Jungle Cruise skipper.
    He is searching for a picture of himself. So if you have one you can submit it to him and he will get you into the opening of Cars Land (full VIP, hotel and all).
  • Page Number: 37
    They have started a website and all.
    After the presentation finally had a few minutes to relax and take in the rest of the Expo. Here is a look around the D23 Charter Members Lounge.
    They had some water/coffee and snacks for free and other beverages for purchase.
  • Page Number: 38
    Then it was down to the main floor and walked through the Collectors Forum.
    Here is a quick sampling.
  • Page Number: 39
    This is the queue for the arena... the last performance in there had concluded so it was just dead space now.
  • Page Number: 40
    An old Autopia car you could purchase
    Anyone remember this? From the Disneyland Hotel. Someone purchased it.
  • Page Number: 41
    The Disney Family Museum booth. That is John Andersons spear she is holding. (If you attended either of the Destination D events you will get this)
    A 3D TV display.
    There was also a Disneyland one for the Halloween party.
  • Page Number: 42
    A wide shot of the Pirates area I stopped in yesterday.
    closing the doors as the last guests were heading out after the Disney Channel show.
  • Page Number: 43
    Could not remember if I included a picture of this before.
    The Cars gang was inside today.
  • Page Number: 44
    I was walking by and the cast of Shake It Up from the Disney Channel was taking the stage and had a good size crowd.
    An autograph area for artists, authors, etc...
  • Page Number: 45
    The Platy-Bus in the Disney Channel area.
  • Page Number: 46
    Stopped by the Dream Store
    There was no line this afternoon
    So you could walk right in.
  • Page Number: 47
    A look around.
  • Page Number: 48
  • Page Number: 49
    I made one last pass through the Carousel of Projects (the parks and resorts exhibit).
    The new partners statue for DCA.
  • Page Number: 50
    Talk with Mickey... how did I miss this??
    This is the newest character. He can speak with you...
  • Page Number: 51
    A video clip of a couple interactions.
    Had to get a couple more shots of the Cars Land things.
  • Page Number: 52
    Time to wrap up the trip and head for home.. I
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