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    This is what happens when you do not pay attention to the park opening time (which was 9am so the garage did not open till 8am, so I spent 40 minutes waiting).
    Fun to watch all my fellow Destination D people walk briskly across the empty lot toward the Disneyland Hotel
    Some shots of the line (which started around 6am I heard) filtering into the Grand Ballroom at the Disneyland Hotel.
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    Once inside there was a stage set up in the center of the room flanked by large movie screens (and even further out some LCD screens).
    A look to the left. Seats did go all the way to the far wall, but the end sections were not very crowded.
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    The projections on the far walls were a nice touch.
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    The A/V podium housed the tech crew as well as the voice of Disneyland doing the announcements.
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    The event started off with a video from D23s DisneyGeek (no connection to this site at all).
    Then Steven Clark (the head of D23) took the stage. He announced there were 1,300 guests from 39 states and 7 countries in attendance.
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    He also went on to talk about some upcoming events.
    Showed quite a few slides of possible advertising slogans for D23 (note many were used at the WDW anniversary party)
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    The response from the lawyers to the no strings statement...
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    The one they settled on.
    Next up a brief overview of the Refer a Fan program
    He announced the 50 and Fabulous will continue but no word as to which films this year.
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    Details on Magic and Merriment will be released soon. (Be sure to check out my shots from last years if you are interested).
    Some new merchandise.
  • Page Number: 14
    A new video blog that will be coming in November to go along with the Disney Geek series.
    The first presentation of the morning
    They started off by assuring everyone they were not there to sell merchandise.
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    But then launched into a sales pitch, which Steven came out to stop.
    Time to get serious now. Their presentation consisted of a ton of slides and them sharing some interesting stories about them. Since there was no video or audio recording allowed and I was trying to get pictures of everything I do not have captions for most.. so if you know the story and drop me an email I will add it.
    We start off in the 30s where theaters were responsible for their own Mickey Mouse Clubs
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    The story here is they hired a group of short people to where costumes and promote the film. Well they did but managed to get drunk and cause some problems as the day went on.
    Here was supposed to be a photo of them as they appeared later in the day, sans costume.
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    A promotional piece for Fantasia
    Some feedback..
    So the solution
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    Some great fan mail he studio/Walt received.
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    From the opening of the Alice in Wonderland Attraction
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    A monkey on Main STreet.
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    Great story here. The two guys were dispensing samples of Coke and Pepsi, the park had both in the early days.
    In case you have clown issues.
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    Aunt Jemima
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    A shootout in New Orleans Square.
  • Page Number: 33
    Were these the inspiration for Fantasmic?
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    Kap the Kaiser Aluminum Pig
    You could order siding in the park.
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  • Page Number: 36
    The Crane Bathroom of Tomorrow
    the dedication
    A look into the bathroom
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    Something to carry the fish you caught!
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    Thanksgiving dinner.
    Served to the Indian Village Indians...
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    The pancake races that were held annually in the park.
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    The Pig Races from the State Fair (I actually got to see this once... too bad it was before digital photography, I have no pictures...)
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    At this point Tim ODay joined them on stage for a New Years Eve Story about Paul Castle having some second thoughts about going down the Tinkerbell wire as Baby New Year. It went so far as him being pushed (tossed I think is the word Tim used) off. He had the audience rolling
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    Then they showed a video clip of the event.
    I was laughing and the video was poor so this is my best shot.. it really does not do it justice.
    Walt and I believe it was his grandson.
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    This section was on Walt and his hats.
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    Mrs Disney getting into the act.
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    To wrap up the presentation they gave away about a dozen pieces of art that were made for the presentation and joke on the fish tote.
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