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  • Page Number: 1
    After parking you were directed to the sign in table which was next to the Studio Store (that is the store in the background)
    The tour group gathered under a near by tree and waiting for everyone else to arrive (there were about 50 of us total)
    While waiting I took some shots of the area
  • Page Number: 2
    A look down Mickey Ave (we are looking toward Alameda.. the Team Disney building is down on the left)
    Plutos corner is down the street
    The employee center is located to the left of the Studio Store (the construction in the background is the theater renovation)
  • Page Number: 3
    The Health Club is across the street from the store
    Here is the guard gate on Buena Vista (that is where we entered)
  • Page Number: 4
  • Page Number: 5
    A better shot of the renovation fence as we headed down the street, the tour had just begun.
    The group came to a halt near Pluto Corner (we were assured photo ops later but still snapped a few)
  • Page Number: 6
    The Animation Building
    Our first stop the Grank G Wells Building, here we were split into two groups. One group headed for the archives first, we headed for the Studio
  • Page Number: 7
    On the backlot, the only facade that is still up.. everything else has been taken over by buildings...
    One of the soundstages, Stage 6 (and 7).
  • Page Number: 8
    The endge of the Ink and Paint building.
    Looking back up Donald Ave at the Wells building on the left and straight ahead.
    This building with no markings is the original shop.. where Roger Broggie and the others worked on the original Disneyland attractions, as well as Walt and his trains...
  • Page Number: 9
  • Page Number: 10
    Some maps of the lot.
  • Page Number: 11
    Stage 2 was being set up for a production, we were able to peek inside, but no photos allowed.
    There is the Zorro parking structure
  • Page Number: 12
    Our next stop was in Stage 3 which was originally built for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
  • Page Number: 13
    Since there was no production going on we were allowed to take pictures.
  • Page Number: 14
    These are old film vaults along Dopey Drive (or at least I believe that was the street we turned onto)
    The cutting building.
  • Page Number: 15
    The first building we were able to walk into was the Shorts Building.
    This is an original building from the old Hyperion lot that was moved over when the studio moved
    Pictures showing where the buildings were on the old lot and then on the new one.
  • Page Number: 16
    See any names you know?
  • Page Number: 17
    A sample of what an office door/sign looks like
    An overhead shot
    Anyone know this famous movie star?
  • Page Number: 18
    This is Gus from the old Disney film.. the football playing mule.
    The hallways have tons of great pictures of the Studio history
  • Page Number: 19
    Notice the vents in the wall.. this was part of the system to keep dust and other unwanted particles out
  • Page Number: 20
    The exterior of the Animation Building
    The dome above Mickey
  • Page Number: 21
    The hallways of the Animation building are lined with what else... art from the films...
    We were able to also go down and through the tunnels that connect the Animation Building to Ink and Paint Building
  • Page Number: 22
  • Page Number: 23
    One of the courtyards, I believe this was the Inkwell
  • Page Number: 24
    Across the courtyard is the Team Disney building.
  • Page Number: 25
    Some better shots of the Team Disney building
  • Page Number: 26
  • Page Number: 27
  • Page Number: 28
    Back inside the Animation Building
  • Page Number: 29
    Oops too high of an angle to read the hallway, but it says 1D which is the sometimes called the Hall of Kings
    This is the wing where Frank and Ollie worked as well as many of the other old men... now Marty Sklar has two of the offices.
  • Page Number: 30
    The front of the Theater that is under renovation
    A classic water tower shot
  • Page Number: 31
    Back to Plutos Corner for some pictures
  • Page Number: 32
    Notice the paw prints in the concrete
  • Page Number: 33
    The Roy O Disney building
    Posters for the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland film
  • Page Number: 34
    The last stop of our Studio tour was the Legends courtyard
  • Page Number: 35
    The original Partners statue
    And Roy statue
  • Page Number: 36
    An interesting shot with both of them together.
    In the center was a large replica of the award. Here is the plaque.
  • Page Number: 37
  • Page Number: 38
  • Page Number: 39
    Kind of weird to walk up to a Partners Statue
  • Page Number: 40
    I forgot to mention lining the courtyard are the plaques for each individual who has been named a Disney Legend.
    Passed the credit union on the way to the Wells building
  • Page Number: 41
    The Alameda gate, which was closed today
    Our next stop for the second half of the tour.
    The lobby of the Wells building has several displays from the Archives.
  • Page Number: 42
    Then on the side is an entrance into the archive
    The multiplane camera that was used for Snow White
    Another part of the lobby had a display of hats from the archive.
  • Page Number: 43
    And of course a coffee shop...
  • Page Number: 44
    Back to the hats.. if you need any identified let me know...
  • Page Number: 45
  • Page Number: 46
  • Page Number: 47
  • Page Number: 48
    Next we stopped by the camera
  • Page Number: 49
    Then we headed into the Archives..
    The first display case had Donald Duck merchandise
  • Page Number: 50
    From the Narnia film
    The room was lined with display cases
  • Page Number: 51
    Dave Smith was on hand to talk to us about the archive and show us some great pieces from the collection.
  • Page Number: 52
  • Page Number: 53
    Dave explained a little about each display case in the room and highlighted some of the objects in it.
    In the center case was some artwork.
  • Page Number: 54
    Some of the other items
  • Page Number: 55
  • Page Number: 56
  • Page Number: 57
  • Page Number: 58
    The first Disney licensed product. I believe he said the guy paid Walt $300 for the right to use Mickey on it.
    The one wall was lined with books and binders.
  • Page Number: 59
  • Page Number: 60
    A closer look at some of the books that were on display
    On another wall were official portraits of Mickey
  • Page Number: 61
    Sorry to keep jumping around these shots are in the order I took them.. above the books were models from the animated films.
  • Page Number: 62
  • Page Number: 63
  • Page Number: 64
  • Page Number: 65
  • Page Number: 66
    A closer look at the book shelf revealed that some were bound books of Disney periodicals.
  • Page Number: 67
  • Page Number: 68
  • Page Number: 69
  • Page Number: 70
    Then came a great show and tell session.. Dave would pick up an item and explain some of the history to us.
  • Page Number: 71
    Here is an ticket to the opening Day celebration at Disneyland (remember the 17th was by invitation only)
    The backside
    And the parking sticker.
  • Page Number: 72
    Ticket Number 1 to Disneyland... the first public ticket.. (which Roy bought)
    The first ticket book
  • Page Number: 73
    The script(I think that is what he called it) from Steamboat Willie
    One of the original backgrounds from Plane Crazy
    One from Steamboat Willie
  • Page Number: 74
    And of course before Mickey was Oswald
  • Page Number: 75
    A drawing of Mickey done by Walt Disney
    Then he pulled out an Oscar.. I forget which film it was from, but one of the True Life Adventure films.. we were all able to hold it and take pictures with it.
  • Page Number: 76
    As a gift for the day we were given a replica Disney security patch
    At the end there were a few minutes for questions and pictures with Dave
    Then it was back to where we started, so here are some random shots along the way.
  • Page Number: 77
  • Page Number: 78
    The commissary
    Our last stop was the Studio Store
  • Page Number: 79
    There was some USC merchandise (and for some reason that other LA school too.. as well as Lakers, Dodgers, etc..)
  • Page Number: 80
    The outside of the Studio Store
    Out to the parking lot.
  • Page Number: 81
    The security booth
    The ABC building across the street.
    Notice the Mickeys on the fence.
  • Page Number: 82
    Our gift for the day
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