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Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland Park by the invisible geek

The invisiblegeek attended Mickey's Halloween Party on Tuesday October 26, 2010. This is an after hours party that ran from 6:00pm to 11:00pm. Advanced tickets cost $49 a person and $54 for the day of the event and there was an annual passholder discount available too. The crowd was a regular mix of Disneyland guests (adults/kids) some dressed up for the event some not, most children were.

Trip Log and random thoughts/observations: 

I got to the park at 5:45pm which was right before the party started.  They had two entrances to the park: 1) regular park admission which would last for about 15 more minutes and 2) entrance for party guests.  I chose the wrong line because my party ticket was already inside the park.  Through the regular entrance we are able to go to the Plaza Pavilion and buy a Halloween party ticket and attend the party.  I finally pushed my way through the crowd (politely of course) to get to the Plaza Pavilion and get my ticket.  The ticket got me my first set of party favors consisting of a wrist band, trick or treat bag, and a park map that had the event schedule, activities, and locations marked.  To chime in the party an announced was played over the parks PA system saying saying that Disneyland park was closing for the day and a Welcome to the Halloween Party guests.
My group was not sure what to do so we got in our first trick or treat line.  The map showed Mickey pumpkins to indicate the trick or treat locations.  In case you did not remember or pay attention to the map the park had a big Mickey ghost in the area.  We started in the Tomorrowland area by walking up toward a Mickey ghost and noticing you were getting into a line.  Most lines went pretty quickly.  The Tomorrowland line started around Autopia, stretched around the fountain, up the entrance to Innoventions, and then to the exit of Innoventions where you finally received your treats.  You had a choice of candy or healthy choices at each tick or treat location. The candy consisted of a variety such as Skittles, Snickers, Reese Peanut Butter cups, Dots, Tootsie Rolls, M&Ms, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, etc.... The Tomorrowland and Riveres of America stations also Ghirardelli candy stations too.

The next trick or treat line was behind the villain picture area in the Small World area.  I have faint memories of going on boat rides.  Now I think of it as a good dock to watch the baby ducks in April.  The line went out on the dock and turned around to come back.  The line to take pictures with the villains looked a bit long so we progressed on to the next trick or treat line. 

The Princess Faire line took us up and into the Princess Faire area and exited by the Toontwon Train Depot.  I avoided another long picture line for the Princesses.  To give you a status update I now have a full Disney bag of candy so I dumped it into my backpack to start again. 

The next stop is the Fantasyland path which takes me behind Dumbo and exits out near the main walkway in Fantasyland.  In case I didn't have enough we started the line toward Thunder Mountain. 
We finally stopped to take a character picture with Mickey and Minnie.  We walked into the ranch and zig zagged once until we got to the pumpkin carriage across from the restaurant.  10 minutes before we got to the front of the line there was an announcement that "Mickey and Minnie will be stepping away in a few minutes but only Mickey will be coming back because Minnie needed to try on her outfit for the Cavalcade celebration later".  A few minutes ended up meaning 3 groups in front of me.  We were not even successful enough to get a picture of Minnie in her outfit in between the group pictures.  We took our picture with Halloween Mickey and decided that we could not pass up a picture with Woody.  He was closer to the Woody's round up stage and had a line of approximately 5 groups.  Most of those groups were wearing cowboy outfits, go figure.
What to do next?  Get back in the trick or treat line and finish heading toward Thunder Mountain.  At this point, the fog machines started to roll in.  There were fog machines in the waters near the mine shaft.  There was fog rolling in along the Rivers of America.  It was a pretty sight and yet something I could not get my camera to see.  The Pirates Lair/Fantasmic stage was purple and green and haunted looking and that was not in my camera either.  The trick or treat line followed the banks of the Rivers of America.  I was trying to get over to the French Market the location of the dance party.  I was not able to get out of line until the exit area of the Haunted Mansion Holiday.  All of the ways to cross over to the French Market were roped off. 
I finally made it to the French Market or for the evening, Club Skellington.  All of the tables were moved away and there was a DJ and dancers.  We walked in at the perfect moment because Jack Skellington made a visit from his nearby photo line.  We only stayed a moment or so because I wanted to get us moving to Main Street for the Fireworks.  There was another trick or treat line through New Orleans square.  I think I have now filled 2 bags of candy. 
We made it to Main Street and start taking a few pictures of the castle with its Halloween lighting and projections.  I was a little envious because they set up a VIP section of benches in the Hub for fireworks seating.  Being part of the normal crowd we started to walk around the Hub.  We wanted to be on at least the Tomorrowland side of the castle to see the Jack projection.  At least that was what I expected to do when we got to Main Street 20 minutes before the fireworks.  Next thing I know we are squirming our way through the seated crowd and are stopped, standing almost front and center.  We had a conversation with an Adventureland cast member.  He thought that Halloween party was about as busy as other nights that he had worked, which he did not consider busy.  The fireworks were just like they were last year. 
The next stop was a rest before the Halloween Cavalcade.  We picked a spot on the curb of Main Street near the Partners statue.  The music for the parade was a peppy "Are you ready for Halloween?"  There was a decorated pumpkin float to usher in a cavalcade of characters.  The pirate pumpkin had the characters from Peter Pan.  The princess pumpkin had a variety of princesses.  Next the cowboy pumpkin for Toy Story and a monster pumpkin for Monster's Inc.  There was a car with the honorary costume party guests.  I think there were other costumes that should have been honored.  I guess they could have been in the 8:30 parade but I missed it because I was partying with Jack.


At around 10:30 we decided to head out of the park.  If you could not guess there was one more set of trick or treat stations at the exit.  We walked around to about 4 stations and I almost filled another candy bag.  At this point I am happy again that I have my backpack.

Comparisons to last year and conclusion:

I was fortunate enough to attend one of the parties that was held last year at Disney California Adventure. The foundation was the same with dance parties, meet and greet locations, and trick or treat stations set up around the parks. Disneyland added an expanded character parade, but nothing like what WDW has, and then the halloween firework show that ran last year for everyone was exclusive to the after hours party.

A couple of quick notes: This year the healthy food choices seemed larger, with a choice of apples, carrots, raisins, apple crisps, craisins, and fruit snacks where as last year I only saw apples, carrots and raisins. Last year there were more dance locations with one on the Pier, Bay Area, and Backlot compared to two this year.

It is hard for me to compare the two parties because Disneyland has a built in advantage.. that it is in Disneyland. The park is more magical and is my "happy place". On a selfish side I liked having the parties at DCA so they did not intrude on regular Disneyland visits. People ask is it worth it to go to these parties? I find that extremely hard to answer because it really depends on expectations, personal tastes, and budget circumstances. I enjoyed the parties, but will I make it an annual tradition, probably not. Would I tell someone to stay away, not really. Would I say you HAVE TO go, not really.

About the invisiblegeek -> Born and raised in Southern California and a frequent visitor of the Disneyland Resort (in the neighborhood of several times a week). They started to contribute some guest features to this site in October 2010. The name stems from a desire to blend into the crowd/background, not because of any super powers (and also because lazygeek was already taken). If you have any questions, comments, corrections you can email invisiblegeek@disneygeek.com

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