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This page is to help you quickly jump through this picture set. Below you will see a listing of the pages and the captions on that page.

  • Page Number: 1
    This is the sign that is along Disneyland Drive (formerly West street).
    The hotel from the parking lot (which is across the street).
    An old car parked near the front entrance
  • Page Number: 2
    There are three ways into the hotel, this one from the street, one from DCA, and one from Downtown Disney.
    The front doors
    Looking back outside...
  • Page Number: 3
    As you walk around the common areas of the hotel there are several large signs directing you.
    Here is a map of the grounds
  • Page Number: 4
    Here is where you enter the hotel from inside California Adventure.
    Heading for the turnstyles
    The turnstyles
  • Page Number: 5
    Looking back.
    Down to the left are some restrooms and White Water Snacks (the fast food place)
    To the right is the rest of the hotel (immediately on the right is the Napa Rose), to the left (where those people are heading) is Storytellers Cafe and beyond that the Lobby.
  • Page Number: 6
    Straight ahead is the pool
    Here is an overhead shot of the area, the two pictures on the ground were taken from the left hand side of this shot.
  • Page Number: 7
    Here is a wider shot of the area where you can see both pools and in the distance DCA.
    A sign to help you along.
    Back to the walking tour, turning left (where the people were a couple pages back) you see Storytellers Cafe on your right and the lobby dead ahead, the pool is now on the left.
  • Page Number: 8
    Looking left.
    The last picture was taken from the middle of this shot
    Now we will continue on to the lobby. This is near where you would enter, straight ahead is the front door and desk, behind and to the right is the door back toward the pool/DCA I just walked in.
  • Page Number: 9
    Turning right you see the gift shop
    Which was featuring High School Musical stuff
    To the left is the Hearthstone Lounge, straight and to the left, maybe 10 o clock is a giant fireplace and beyond that a courtyard and the construction of the new wing
  • Page Number: 10
    Walking into the Hearthstone Lounge
    A close-up of the painting on the far wall
    To the right is the bar
  • Page Number: 11
    Looking back toward where we entered (on the left in this shot)
    A close up of the painting on the far wall
  • Page Number: 12
    One of the small sitting areas, this one is to the far opposite corner in the shot from the page before
    The bookshelves in the sitting area, notice the light..
    Out in the Lobby the main fireplace
  • Page Number: 13
    Here is an overhead view of the lobby.
    Standing near the middle of the room and looking to the right are the elevators
    Turning a little to the left you see stairs going up
  • Page Number: 14
    Continuing forward from the middle of the room toward the front desk (still looking to the right) is a walkway to the convention center and Downtown Disney
    Spinning around to see where we just came from.
    The doors leading out to the front entrance that we saw earlier are straight ahead.
  • Page Number: 15
    To the left is the front desk
    A close up of the detail work
    Here is a shot from above
  • Page Number: 16
    Walking past the front desk and out a set of doors you are taken to a courtyard and beyond that is the DVC construction
    In this courtyard there is also a fireplace to sit around.
  • Page Number: 17
    A shot of the hotel from the courtyard.
    Back into the lobby now.
    A close up of one of the lights.
  • Page Number: 18
    Heading upstairs from the lobby there is a sitting area (this is above the front desk) that offers a great view of the lobby (some of the overhead shots from earlier are from here)
    Heading up higher there is another sitting area, this one outside, and on the opposite side of the lobby (this is where I took the overhead shots of the pool from)
    Here is a look at the wall near the elevator.
  • Page Number: 19
    A look down one of the hallways
    A light along a walkway
    I believe this is the concierge lounge (this shot is from 1/6/01 when the hotel was just opening and I did not take a note of where this was)
  • Page Number: 20
    Here are a couple pictures from inside a room we stayed in (July 2003)
  • Page Number: 21
    The view from the balcony was of the courtyard where the monorail goes through (straight ahead is Downtown Disney)
    Back down to the lobby to wrap up the tour. Here is the hallway leading to the convention center which is on the left and Downtown Disney which is straight and to the right.
    One of the house phones along the way.
  • Page Number: 22
    Looking left is the convention center
    Continuing on and turning right we find the courtyard our room overlooked.
  • Page Number: 23
    We just entered from the right, Downtown Disney is behind me, and the room we had is up and to the left.
    Panning left
    Continuing to the left
  • Page Number: 24
    If you continue left (so I am now facing the opposite way of the first show) you can see Downtown Disney through the trees.
    Heading to Downtown Disney
    Looking back at the entrance to the hotel from Downtown Disney
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