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    My photo archive dates back to the 2001 group.
    I believe this was the last year that included the dancers/cheerleaders
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    The Flag Retreat featured just the College Band back then (notice the great star pattern of the flowers)
    Jumping to 2002.
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    For you USC Fans out there, Dr. Art Bartner was the long time director of the program.
    Greg Glover was a fill in director while Art was tied up with another committment for a few days. Greg was the program administrator in 2002 and performed in the band in 1976 at Walt Disney World.
    Also in 2002 they added a set over at DCA (and did the pre-parade too if I remember correctly)
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    The 2003 group.
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    Over the years different musicans set in with the band. (again I was terrible and did take notes as to who this is).
    The 2005 Group
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    They also took over the Club Buzz (Tomorrowland Terrace) stage for a set that even included some singing.
    Arts last day, he was presented with the flag during the Flag Retreat. (I have more pictures in its own section)
    2006 kicked off with a guest director.
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    Anyone know his name (I forget)
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    Ron (also from USC) took over the band after the first week (days) and has been leading the program since.
    A better shot of Ron.
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    He played with the band for a couple songs.
    The 2007 group...
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    The 2008 band
    Ron switched to a less formal look for most of the sets starting in 2008
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    Even a tumbling pass made it into the show.
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    As well as a Stevie Wonder medley
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    The last night of the season usually involves the band letting loose a bit. Ron pulled their long time stage manager (believe that is her title) out of the audience.
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    Toward the end of the summer the TA for the class got to direct one night.
    The 2010 band.
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    2010 All American College Band - Disneyland Attraction Medley
    2010 All American College Band - Michael Jackson Tribute
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