11/25 - Kicked off my Thanksgiving Weekend with a relaxing trip to Disneyland including Christmas music, two showings of Disneyland Forever, Paint the Night plus a look around the park. 11/20 - A first look at the Star Wars Launch Bay & Super Hero HQ, more Christmas decorations including the three Disney Hotels and my regular assortment of random pictures from the parks. 9/30 - Day 4 - Central Paris Sightseeing - The Eiffel Tower, Seine River, Notre Dame, Louvre and Arc de Triomphe. 11/14 - A first look at the Christmas Festivities around the Disneyland Resort plus a preview of Star Wars Season of the Force in this very long picture set. 10/3 - Day 7 - A trip to Normandy to visit the D-Day Beaches & Sights. 11/6 - 1st Look at Small World Holiday and Frozen Emporium Window, more Christmas preparations for next weeks kickoff, a check of ongoing projects and more. 10/30 - A check of the new and ongoing projects, a last look at Halloween and a first look at Christmas preparations plus my regular assortment of random pictures as I roamed the parks. 10/2 - Day 6 features a look at the Halloween Festivities including the character meet and greets, parade, shows, and more.  Plus lunch at the Silver Spur Steakhouse. 10/4 - Day 8 features a visit to both parks, Hotel Cheyenne, Hotel Santa Fe & Disneyland Hotel.  Including more Halloween Festivities, Main Street Windows and Fantasyland afterndark. Added my pictures from the Disney Parks Floor Exhibit featuring Shanghai Disneyland and Pandora the World of Avatar 4/7 Part 2 - My first steps into Hong Kong Disneyland.  Featuring a quick walk around the park and a first look at Mystic Manor. 9/29 - Day 3 is spent at the Walt Disney Studios Park including lunch at Remys and then the evening at Disneyland Park including Disney Magic on Parade, Fantasyland, Main Street Pumpkins and more. Parts 1-3 of Day 2 feature a look around Disneyland Paris including the Sequoia Lodge, Discoveryland, Frontierland, and lunch at Walts. 4/13 - Day 3 - A full day at Tokyo Disney Sea in the rain features a look around the park and many of the attractions. 9/26-27 - Day 1 Pictures, thoughts & observations featuring the trip to Paris, 1st looks at the  hotel & Disneyland Park. 4/17 - Day 7 features a trip to Mt. Fuji, Lake Ashi, and bullet train ride back. 10/1 - Day 5 features a trip to Versailles to tour the Palace and Gardens then back to Disney for dinner and Disney Dreams to close out the day.
 What's New:
Geek Speaks
Geek Speaks: 11.27.15
My thoughts and observations from Wednesday at Disneyland.
Disneyland Resort Update
Disneyland Resort Update: 11.26.15
Pictures from Wednesday 11/25 to kick off the Holiday weekend.
Park Miles
Park Miles: 11.26.15
My trip log from Wednesday at the Disneyland Resort.
The Geek's Blog
The Geek's Blog: 11.25.15
This afternoon/evening I plan to be at the Disneyland Resort to kick off my Thanksgiving weekend. Stop by the blog to see pictures from the parks.
Movie News & Reviews
Movie News & Reviews: 11.24.15
Today posted my first impressions of the Good Dinosaur opening in theaters this weekend, Ant-Man on Home Video, Marvel production news, and information on two upcoming DVD releases to the blog.
Geeks Blog
Geeks Blog: 11.23.15
A recap of recent posts to the Geeks Blog in case you missed any.
Geek Speaks
Geek Speaks: 11.22.15
My thoughts and observations from Friday including first impressions of the Star Wars Launch Bay.
Disneyland Resort Update
Disneyland Resort Update: 11.21.15
My full picture set from Friday 11/20 features a long first look at the Star Wars Launch Bay and Super Hero HQ in Tomorrowland. A look at the Christmas decorations at the three Disney Hotels plus some more from the parks.
Park Miles
Park Miles: 11.21.15
My trip log from Friday at the Disneyland Resort has been added.
2015 Asia Trip Posts
2015 Asia Trip Summary
A summary and links to all my 2015 Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Resort Trip Posts -- Click here
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Latest Disneyland Resort Pictures: Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Kicked off my holiday weekend with some Disneyland entertainment including the Dickens Yuletide Band, Dapper Dans, two showings of Disneyland Forever and Paint the Night. Plus some time on Tom Sawyer Island.

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